The MV-1 LX reinvents what a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is supposed to be. And it does so with unparalleled style and sophistication, all at an attractive price. The result is a bold declaration of transportation independence.


The MV-1 LX is a vehicle like no other. It delivers uncompromising luxury and comfort, whether you’re driving or riding. And it offers the good looks and styling that turns heads, all in a universally accessible vehicle.

The MV-1 LX is built on the ground-up principles that drive all MV-1 designs. Tough, body-on-frame construction gives it a strong, safe, reliable foundation. Four wheel antilock brakes (ABS), a traction control system (TCS), electronic stability control (ESC) and a self-leveling suspension add even greater safety and responsiveness.

Whether you’re taking a trip around the block or heading out on a long road trip, the MV-1 LX makes it easy. Touch a button and the side ramp deploys, at your choice of two lengths. The ramp’s slope provides a shallow, easy-to-navigate entrance into the roomy, well-appointed interior. When you’re ready to roll, the ramp retracts to an enclosed pocket underneath the floor, maximizing floor space for your wheelchair. 


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