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Preventative Maintenance Service

Left Foot Gas/Accelerator Pedal

Left Foot Gas/Accelerator Pedals: Only $37.50

  • Inspect that accelerator operates smoothly and minimal effort is required. Inspect left foot accelerator pedal position for proper clearance between brake pedal and emergency brake pedal.
  • Inspect all mount bolts, set screws, and fasteners for tightness and corrosion. Inspect for non-skid material installed on operating surface of left foot accelerator pedal.
  • Inspect accelerator actuator arm roller adjustment to gas pedal for proper height, free play, and ensure pedal returns correctly.
  • Inspect quick release mechanism operates freely and pedal removes without the use of any tools.
  • Inspect for the presence of an accelerator guard and proper clearance to actuator arm. Inspect for adjustable gas and brake pedals to ensure they are disabled and no longer functional.
  • Clean, lube, and adjust base plate mounting and moving parts on left foot accelerator pedal, bushings, actuator arm, roller, and quick release mechanism.
  • Road test vehicle using left foot accelerator pedal.

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