Enhancing the independence of physically challenged people using state-of-the-art adaptive equipment.

Transfer, Turnout & Swivel Seats

Transfer Seats, Turnout Seats, Turny Seats, TAS Seats, Companion Seats

Starting at $2,295.00 installed!

Transfer Seating
Do you use a wheelchair to get around, but prefer to drive or ride in a regular seat? Transfer seating makes moving from wheelchair to driver or passenger seat convenient and easy.

Turnout Seating
Is it becoming increasingly difficult for you to get in and out of your vehicle?  Whether it's a sudden injury or the slow erosion of strength, flexibility and dexterity, we have a solution for your challenge!  Special seating, known as Turnout Seats, Companion Seats, Turny Seats or Turning Automotive Seats (TAS), can help you easily make the transition in and out of your vehicle.  Turnout seats are available in a variety of applications for today's sedans & coupes, station wagons & hatch backs, minvans, SUVs & crossovers, and pick-up trucks.  With models that combine power and manual operation and full power, as well as lifting, tilting and turning capabilities, Turnout seats can help you safely and easily get in and out of your vehicle while maintaining a "factory" appearance!  Whether you’re a driver or passenger, we can help find the right seat for your needs.

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