Enhancing the independence of physically challenged people using state-of-the-art adaptive equipment.

Mobility Aids

Wheelchair Lifts, Hand Controls, Driving Aids and more...

Having trouble getting in and out of your vehicle?  Need a way to transport a loved one's wheelchair or motorized scooter?  Searching for a way to make driving your car or truck easier?  Looking to drive from your wheelchair?  We can help.  For over 25 years, Main Mobility has been helping disabled and handicapped drivers regain their independence.  We offer mobility equipment and solutions to help get you back in the vehicle you love.  Whether you're a disabled driver or a passenger, we can help you find the mobility equipment, adaptive equipment or vehicle modification to suit your needs and your active lifestyle.

We offer everything form grab bars and assist handles to turn-out seats and running boards to help you get in and out of your vehicle with ease.  Our large selection of driving aids like hand controls, spinner knobs, left foot gas pedals, and even gas & brake pedel extenders and pedal extensions can help make your driving experience safer, easier and more enjoyable.  Having a platform wheelchair lift installed in your van or a scooter lifter installed in you car, truck, van or SUV is a safe, convenient and easy solution for those who need to transport a wheelchair or scooter.  If you use a wheelchair, but prefer to drive from the driver's seat, a transfer seat might be a good option for you.  In fact, we may even be able to outfit your wheelchair van with hand controls and an electronic wheelchair securement so you can drive right from your wheelchair without having to use a tranfer seat.

Main Mobility carries and installs only the finest mobility equipment and driving aids from the most trusted souces in the industry.  We offer hand controls, spinner knobs and other steering and braking modifications from MPD, CCI, DADC, Wells-Enberg, Howell Ventures/Sure Grip and others, as well as platform wheelchair lifts from Braun and Ricon.  We provide scooter lifters from Bruno, Harmar Mobility & VMI, as well as transfer seats and turnout seats from Braun and Bruno.  What's more is that our mobility service and installation department has factory trained and ceritified technicians to install, maintain and repair your mobility aids and adaptive driving equipment.

If you've recently purchased a new vehicle, you may also be eligible for a special "mobility rebate" or "mobility reimbursement" of up to $1,200 for the manufacturer of your vehicle if you have anything from hand controls to a platform wheelchair lift to a scooter lifter installed in your new vehicle.  Visit our Mobility Resources page to learn more about these valuable programs as well as other sources that may be able to help you get the mobility aids you need.

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