Enhancing the independence of physically challenged people using state-of-the-art adaptive equipment.

Assist Handles & Grab Bars

Handybars, Grab Handles, Grab Bars

Do you have trouble getting in or out of your vehicle? Does limited flexibility make it a challenge to put fasten your seatbelt?  Looking for increased visibility?

Main Mobility offers several different types of assist handles, grab bars and other personal mobility devices that can be installed in your vehicle to make it safer and easier to enter, exit and drive.  Most of these mobility aids are affordable, portable, fit virtually any car, truck, van or SUV and install easily in just minutes without any tools or complex instructions.

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https://asoft6146.accrisoft.com/mainmobility/clientuploads/Avin Images/Handybar.jpg



https://asoft6146.accrisoft.com/mainmobility/clientuploads/Avin Images/SwivelCushion.jpg


Car Caddie

https://asoft6146.accrisoft.com/mainmobility/clientuploads/Avin Images/CarCaddie2.jpg



https://asoft6146.accrisoft.com/mainmobility/clientuploads/Avin Images/Grab&Pull.jpg



Panoramic Mirror

https://asoft6146.accrisoft.com/mainmobility/clientuploads/Avin Images/Panoramic Mirror.jpg

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