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ADA National Roadside

Roadside Help for Wheelchair Van Users

Main Mobility now offers a 24-hour roadside assistance program through ADA National Roadside Assistance for those who use or drive wheelchair vans, handicap vans or paratransit vans.

This service is available in one, two, or three-year subscriptions and offers:

  • Wheelchair Roadside Assistance
  • 100 Mile Emergency Towing
  • Emergency Lift/Ramp Service
  • Flat Tire Change Service
  • Tire Repair / Replacement
  • Fuel Delivery Service
  • Battery Jump Start Service
  • Battery Repair / Replacement
  • Unlock Service
  • Para-Transit Lift Ride

1-year membership: $140
2-year membership: $255
3-year membership: $370

Curious about how the program works?  Continue on to the terms and conditions or read our recent blog post about our experience.


Terms & Conditions: 

Eligible Vehicles: Service applies to any licensed motor vehicles utilized by member.

Membership Card(s): You must dial the 800 # provided to you when you enrolled as a member in order to receive benefits. In the unlikely event that ADA Nationwide is unable to perform a request for service ADA at its sole discretion may provide reimbursement for service paid by member.

Scope of Services: As an ADA Member, you are entitled to four (4) free Emergency Road Service calls per membership year. Only one call for service will be honored per single occurrence. Membership does not provide for services that are related to sales, repair warranty or manufactures warranty. If it is determined that a service rendered to
a member is an insurance or warranty issue ADA Nationwide reserves the right to seek reimbursement. Vehicles exceeding four (4) calls for emergency road service will be charged the clubs wholesale rate, which varies by region on a per occurrence basis. ADA also reserves the right to limit service, not renew a membership, or cancel a membership on a pro-rata basis when a vehicles usage exceeds the 4 calls in a membership year.

Lift Service: If the lift gate on your vehicle becomes stuck ADA will dispatch and coordinate technical assistance to your location. ADA may also arrange phone consultation regarding a lift malefaction with a qualified technician.  

Wheelchair or Scooter Assistance: If you are away from home and your mobility device stops working ADA will coordinate and dispatch a qualified technician to assist with a solution. Parts and labor are the responsibility of the member.

Emergency Towing: When you need emergency towing, notify ADA and a truck will be dispatched to assist you in accordance with the towing/extrication provision of your state. Be advised the most US states require a 20-minute arrival time for accident towing. ADA will not consider reimbursement for police ordered towing. Towing services are provided
for vehicles less than 9,000 GVW at no charge with paid membership dues. ADA’s services provider response time is an average of 45 minutes nationwide.

Battery Jump Start, Repair or Replacement: A battery jump will be provided in an effort to start your vehicle. Roadside battery repair or replacement may be coordinated where available at member request. If the vehicle will not start, towing will be provided.

Mechanical Adjustments - Provides for minor adjustments to be made at the disablement site in an attempt to allow the automobile to operate safely under its own power. If the minor adjustments are unsuccessful, we will arrange to have it towed to the nearest service facility.

Tire Change, Repair or Replacement: A flat tire will be inflated or replaced with your spare tire. If you do not
have a spare tire, tire repair or replacement will be coordinated at members request where available. Tire change service does not apply to vehicles over 9,000 GVW or vehicle with dual rear axels unless enrolled in the ADA Fleet Program.                                     
Extrication/Winching Service: When a vehicle becomes stuck and can be safely reached from a normally traveled roadway, service will be provided by one truck and driver. Situations requiring more operators or equipment will be provided at your expense. If the vehicle cannot be safely driven after winching, it may be towed.

Lockout Service: When keys are locked in the passenger compartment of the vehicle, the service person will attempt to gain access. If the Vehicle cannot be opened, it may be towed. When keys are locked in the trunk, lost, or broken locksmith service will be coordinated at no charge. Part and labor are the responsibility of the member.

Fluid Delivery: When a vehicle runs out of fuel or other fluids an emergency supply sufficient to reach the nearest service station will be brought to the disabled vehicle. ADA cannot guarantee specific brands, octane ratings or the availability of diesel fuel. If the vehicle will not start, towing may be provided. Members will be charged for fuel at
current pump prices.

Passenger Transport: Transportation may be provided to the occupants of a disabled vehicle. Maximum transportation benefit includes 25-mile distance without charge.

Wait times: ADA’s national average wait time for emergency towing or roadside assistance is 45 minutes. In the event a member requires Para-transit lift service, ADA national average wait time is 90 minutes.

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